Great Craftsman

       In December 2018, the China Light Industry Federation and the China Finance, Trade, Light Textile and Tobacco Trade Union issued the Decision on Naming Light Industry as a "Great Craftsman", and 42 comrades who have made great contributions to promoting China's transformation from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power were awarded the honorary title of "Great Craftsman". Wu Zhirong of Peacock Watch (Group) Co., Ltd is listed on the list. With the spirit of hard work, excellence and dedication, it shows the demeanor of workers in the new era of Peacock Watch Industry! Wu Zhirong, a mold worker of Peacock Watch (Group) Co., Ltd., has been sticking to his ordinary work for 40 years, committed to the technological innovation of various molds, and made outstanding contributions to the enterprise and the Chinese watch industry.


大工坊Exquisite skills, adhere to the responsibility and belief of the watch craftsman


       Wu Zhirong entered the tool factory of Peacock Watch Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. in 1978. In 1990, he went to Switzerland with his master to study and won the title of expert in the small hole mold of the clock mechanism issued by Swiss Rhonda Watch Company; In 1995, he was awarded the technician qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Labor and Personnel of China; In 2015, 2016 and 2017, he won the title of "Quality Pacesetter" in the company.

       Wu Zhirong has won unanimous recognition at home and abroad with his exquisite skills. He showed his unique ideas and opinions on mold innovation, especially made contributions to the escapement fork mold. The one-time forming and blanking mold has been a dream, and finally realized in the hands of Wu Zhirong. He broke the model of imitating the Soviet Union to make molds and successfully developed them with a unique way. It not only solves the tool and parts scraping during processing, but also reduces the relevant processes. After careful polishing, the consistency of the escapement fork parts produced has reached the Swiss level, which is the first in the domestic watch industry. Swiss experts went to Peacock Watch company to compare the escapement fork with the model and highly praised it.
       In many mold development, Wu Zhirong has made innovative achievements. In order to learn and catch up with Swiss watchmaking technology, in 2014, Peacock Watch company signed a new product technology contract with Swiss Inter-T SA to jointly develop a new movement. This movement is known as the most complex product in the manufacturing process of various parts since the company was founded. Date changing parts progressive die is the most accurate and difficult mold in manufacturing. After Wu Zhirong's careful research and repeated attempts, this set of mold was successfully trial-produced and was recognized as the best mold in several years by the production factory.



Inherit ingenuity and jointly protect the dream of watch craftsman!


The tool factory of Peacock Watch has always inherited a fine tradition, that is, respecting teachers, which is deeply embedded in the hearts of every mold worker. Wu Zhirong has been studying hard since he entered the tool factory. Even after 40 years, when Wu Zhirong encountered problems in his work, he would still consult his master, and the master would still devote all his learning to give guidance.

Now, Wu Zhirong also imparts his mold skills to his disciples without reservation. "Strict teachers make excellent students", "teaching and learning are mutually beneficial". Now, Wu Zhirong's disciples can operate and make molds independently. Talents are the basic conditions for the development and expansion of enterprises. On the basis of doing his own work well, Wu Zhirong has also made great contributions to the talent training of enterprises.

Diligence and simplicity are the most authentic portrayal of Wu Zhirong. He has proved with actions that he can make extraordinary contributions in ordinary posts. With perseverance, super skills and ingenuity, he and his colleagues have written the dream of a watch craftsman - to make the world's top watch with Chinese manufacturing, and to make the world's peacock with Chinese peacock!