Company Introduction

Liaoning Peacock Watch Co., Ltd is the mechanical watch movement manufacturing industry base of Peacock Watch (Group) Co., Ltd., which was established in 2012 and located in Dandong Watch Industrial Park, Liaoning Province. It integrates movement research and development, parts production, movement assembly and market sales. The products are exported to Hong Kong, Switzerland and other regions. It has become a leading enterprise in the domestic mechanical watch movement manufacturing industry, and has been awarded the national grade specialized,refined, Characterized,fresh "Little Giant" enterprise.

Relying on Peacock Watch (Group) Co., Ltd's 66 years of movement R&D capability and rich assembly manufacturing experience, taking "precision manufacturing" as the core concept, and "Flexibility, Customization, Branding" as the development strategy, Liaoning Peacock Watch Co., Ltd. actively promotes technological change, sticks to the road of precision manufacturing, invests in the construction of "a million high-end mechanical watch movement intelligent research and development manufacturing base", and fully expands the upstream and downstream industrial chains, drive the development of independent watch brands and improve the level of flexible production, information management and intelligent manufacturing.

At present, it has developed several high-end movement products with patent rights, covering seven series, 26 basic movements and more than 300 patterns of movement products. There are many high-end patented mechanical movements, such as tourbillon movement, chronograph movement, multi-function movement, skeleton movement, thin calendar movement, women's watch movement, etc. It is committed to helping enterprises increase varieties, improve quality and create brands from multiple dimensions such as industrial chain, brand competitiveness and scientific and technological innovation;

In the future, Liaoning Peacock Watch Co., Ltd will continue to promote intelligent precision manufacturing and gradually build a modern industrial system with stronger innovation, higher added value and more sustainable development. Realize the transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to digital movement intelligent manufacturing industry, create a distinctive watch industry cluster, and create a new chapter of intelligent manufacturing.